• Do you allow small dogs?

    No! We love dogs but they are not allowed. You will be asked to remove your pet. Please respect our policy.

  • How long does it take to get through the maze?

    Most take about 25 minutes. Our maze is designed to help you have fun without being overwhelmed or stuck for a long time!

  • Is the maze too hard for a 3 yr. old?

    No, we have bus loads of pre-schoolers that enjoy the maze every day!

  • Is it okay for a small family to come out during a field trip?

    We ask that you call ahead to make sure the scheduled group is not too large. Most of the time it is fine!

  • Is the bonfire included?

    No, our bonfires are made for your private group. We provide all the wood and keep the fire burning. We also provide tables and benches. Bonfires must be reserved and prepaid.

  • Do you have to pay the General Admission to do a bonfire or can bonfires be reserved separate from all the other activities?

    Visitors must pay General Admission upon entering. The bonfire is in addition to the General Admission price.

  • Do I have to pay the General Admission if I only plan to do a couple of things?

    Yes, we are not able to keep up with individual activities of all the visitors. We reduced the overall cost and added more activities to make it cost effective for you.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    Credit/Debit, Cash, and Local Checks. For specific groups, we will invoice.

  • Is a pumpkin included in the General Admission price?

    No, we have not added the price of a pumpkin in General Admission; however, you are welcome to purchase the one you like from the various sizes we sell.

  • Is The 13th Acre haunted trail really scary?

    Yes, it is scary and not recommended for children under 8 yrs. Several times we have had to interrupt the flow and exit kids that are too scared. We recommend waiting until they are older to bring them.

  • Can we stop by just to take photos?

    Yes, but you must reserve a time. See website for details under “Photographers”

  • Are you open in the Spring?

    Yes! We offer Spring Field Trips as well as Birthday Parties (all year).

  • Are reservations necessary?

    Not during regular hours of operation. For special activities like Bonfires, weekday Field Trips, or Covered Shelters you should contact us ahead of time.

  • Do you have more than one location?

    No, there is only one Aw Shucks Farms and it is located in Monroe, NC. Some publications still show an old location near Marshville, NC. This is outdated information. The website is kept up-to-date.

  • Do you have seating available and does it need to be reserved?

    There is plenty of seating available that does not need to be reserved. However, if your group wants to ensure a reserved covered area, you can do so for $25 for 2 hours.